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Easy access for our service providers to get immunized.

Cheryl Kennedy, 1to1 Rehab Inc.

Very professional and relaxed. Quick in and out without any fuss.

Diane Benoit, MAN Diesel Canada Ltd.

Everyone was very impressed with the nurse and the ability to hit the scheduled times. Overall, a great time saver.

Ed Stemkoski, Kraft Canada Inc.

It was easy for our employees to gain access and therefore more willing to participate in a program that can save on missed time from work down the road. Everyone was very professional, timely and courteous.

Elaine Mickelown, Olon Industries

The representative was organized and efficient and very personable. It keeps our staff healthy and happy.

Gina Sinopoli, Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Great service and information.

Jack Campbell, Melmart Distributors Inc.

It's easy to arrange for the office.

Janice Kahia, Amex Canada Inc.

This was very well run...everything from receiving the quote right down to the administration of the vaccines. I was very happy all throughout the process. Stellar from start to finish.

Jayleen Sawchuk, Pareto Corporation

It is convenient for our employees.

Karen Youell, Siemens Canada Ltd.

Overall it is easy and there are no issues.

Bethany Kopstick, Apple Canada

Convenience, I am sure there are some who just wouldn't get to the doctor’s office for the shot.

Linda Gartley, K-Line Maintenance & Construction Limited

It was a very relaxed atmosphere, cheerful lady who administered the shots, very organized with little wasted time. The convenience of having it at work can convince people who normally don't get immunized to get a shot.

Marni D'Arcy, Total Power Limited

The nurse did an excellent job in working with the folks here who have developmental/intellectual disabilities. It sometimes takes some patience and stepping out of the building into a handicapped van but she did it with no complaints and was very kind and compassionate. You do all the work.

Sandy Fielding, Community Living York South

It is an excellent program that is designed around our schedule - this is a huge bonus! Keep doing what you are doing - it is a great program!

Sherri Redshaw, Cook Canada Inc.

It's done all at one time everybody is good to go back to work.

Sophie Pappas, Unisys Corporation

The Flu Clinic comes to us vs. us having to go to the doctor clinic. Keep up the good work!

Tara Learning, Urbantech Consulting

Program was great, easy to coordinate, friendly service. The representatives were great to work with and great reps for the company. They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond and super nice. People were great, easy to work with; everything went off without a hitch.

Tejinder Dhillon, Microsoft Canada Corporation

The nurses were very polite and did an excellent job. It's easy to arrange for the office.

Wayne Gardiner, Sears Canada Inc.

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Easy access for our service providers to get immunized.

Cheryl Kennedy, 1to1 Rehab Inc.